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Mobile SEO

The recent Mobilegeddon update by Google means just one thing. Smartphones are the primary devices for accessing the internet now and most of the SEO games of the future will be played on your phones rather than your laptops. While basics of optimization will always remain the same, SEO mobile will require you to keep a few important points in mind.
Firstly, avoid the things that are not compatible with mobile devices such as flash videos and pop ups. Also, make sure that the buttons on the page are large enough to read and tap on a small screen. 
Secondly, in olden days phones could not render advanced coding such as JavaScript, CSS and even image files. But new generation devices are all perfectly capable and so do not block them for mobile.
Create shorter but accurate titles and descriptions for all of your pages. This is because the space available is low and so bulk of your long description may not even be visible. If it is applicable, optimize your site for local search by including your local address and phone number in the meta data. 
Finally, responsive design is the key to a successful mobile website. For the uninitiated, “responsive design” means that the site will adjust itself to be displayed in all types of devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones. Non-responsive design may look great on your desktop but may fail to load on your phone. Responsive design makes use of latest technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. In case you are using CMS such as WordPress, you can just search for responsive themes and install them.
In short, mobile SEO is not radically different but you just need to take care of the specific limitations of these smaller devices. With a bit of clever planning and careful design, you can ensure good rankings in mobile searches too.