Know About John Crestani And His Courses


The popular Internet Jetset (IJ) is a brand and a company owned by John Crestani, who has groomed himself as an affiliate marketer in the recent years. One can log on to to know more about his programs in the area of affiliate marketing. According to, John has created many publications which were recognized by Forbes. Undoubtedly, John has established a high social profile in the recent times across the web world. His publication ‘Rags to Riches’, gained tremendous popularity among e-book readers from all over the globe. Being a college dropout, John has reached his pinnacle with great perseverance and determination.

John, possess not only the IJ but also many companies in his fold. The course IJ aims to provide a healthy perspective on life. A student who undergoes this program, believe that perturbing question will be answered and a stumbling mind lock will be removed by the explanations offered by John. He teaches all the intricacies of the affiliate marketing. All the tutorials are given with relevant videos and tips flowed by simple assignments. Each assignment has to be completed, and self-assessment is made, which is mandatory. Otherwise, you cannot access the other lessons. By this way, John ensures that every student makes his or her own assessment as soon as a lesson is finished. Perhaps, this is the USP of the IJ programs.

Other Operations
Besides IJ, John also runs Nutryst, which is yet another network for nutritional supplements. His virtual reality firm Immerse Labs is another landmark that has come into existence with the efforts of John. This firm focuses on finding some innovative marketing methods to reach customers.

Cost Of IJ
Being a conceptual product, IJ has been sold as an online program that runs eight hours. The package costs $47. The entire program is primarily aimed to offer technical know-how on web marketing through the popular mediums such as Amazon and Facebook. One after successful completion of the program can likely to earn reasonable commissions in accordance with his or her efforts. One can also choose the upsells an option to earn more. For advanced students, case studies are made available with a package of ten as well as on a la carte. Of course, these additional tutorials can be useful only for those who have finished the basic program. Besides these programs, an optional program called as ‘continuity program’ which offers regular updates as well as live webinars for a nominal monthly fee of $47 for the senior students.

Dual Benefits
Interestingly, IJ offers two different opportunities to everyone. Firstly, it provides a solid course in the area of affiliate marketing. Secondly, it allows the students to resell the IJ product through the Clickbank campaign and offers a good amount as a commission on all the purchases of all other programs like upsells as well as the continuity program. One is sure to earn a residual income as well as a one-time referral commission for the products sold to others.

Four Tips On Picking An SEO Agency

seo-agencySelecting an SEO company for your business is not a simple task. You should want to research about several SEO firms before choosing a company. The reasons are simple. You can trust an SEO firm for your business goals and invest your hard-earned money in the, as it is really worth when they deliver the expected outcome.

There are plenty of Canada top SEO expert firms available and you must research them thoroughly and pick the best one. If you are an online business firm, then you must observe the search engine world keenly so that you can beat your competitors and always retain the top place in SERP. You can find the complete details and news about the recent digital marketing sector from the website and this single site covers your A-Z requirement in gathering information related to digital marketing.

The first factor you want to verify is authenticity. The authenticity of an SEO company is a crucial factor since there are numerous companies that are competing in the online marketing world and only some of the firms can provide you the expected output.

Affordability is the second important factor. You must get some type of guarantee from the agency for your investment. You can find several SEO agencies vying for the cheapest price quote but the end result is not fruitful.

The effective and the best method of analyzing your SEO progress as well as ROI of your SEO project is whether the agency offers various reports and good communication policy between your present clients and the professionals in the SEO agency. The agency must allow you to communicate frankly about your requirement and the outcomes you expect. You must analyze the ongoing progress and ensure whether the company is moving on the right path.

The agency must always anticipate future SEO strategies and incorporate accordingly to your website so that your site will retain higher ranking. The above tips help you to pick the best SEO agency.

Handy Tips To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Company

There is a dime a dozen digital marketing companies but not all offers the same customer experience. There are some fly-by-night digital marketing companies that add zero value to your business. This makes it important to differentiate good marketing company with bad ones. Various internet marketing strategies can be combined to form an effective solution that can help generate business leads and improve brand awareness. Digital marketing can conveniently be divided into internet marketing, offline marketing, and mobile marketing. Depending on the type of business one or more categories can be selected. Digital Fuel Media, LLC is equipped to offer all types of SEO services.

Businesses do not have the time, resources and expertise to focus on digital marketing and hence the task is handed over to professionals. TV, mobile, internet among other electronic media have taken over the consumer base. This has made it important to digitalize the marketing campaigns. The truth is that digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing and has a wider reach than the latter. Choosing the right digital marketing agency could matter with companies offering a variety of services at diverse prices. A full-service digital marketing company offers a host of services like web development, SEO, email and mobile marketing, SMM, online advertisement and online reputation management.

While selecting a service provider check the client’s testimonials and reviews. The success rate of their campaigns can be judged by the positive reaction of their clients. The digital marketing company should have a good online presence. This proves their skills. The reputation of the company can be checked with their social media pages and the following they have. The depth of information is available when you Google for the company. A service offering 24/7support is an ideal choice. The service provider should be able to clarify your queries. A Live chat service or toll-free number could be an added advantage. Find out if it is worth investing money in the digital marketing company before signing up with them.