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Want To Update To The Newest Version- Buy Outlook at Software Depot


Microsoft has travelled from Windows 95 to the latest Windows 10. And in this elaborate span of time the company has constantly been working on refining the work experience and MS office 2016 is just a step ahead.  A complete cloud compatible technology has now made it possible to work on important assignments through web-based or phone-based app of MS Office. Outlook feature of Microsoft is universally used as a personal information manager in the businesses. To get the best prices Buy Outlook at Software Depot. With MS office 365, 2010, 2013 and 2016 currently available, you can visit some really nice reviews to decide upon which one of them would be suitable for your work setup.

Just to give a view as to how outlook applications contribute to enhancing our productivity, outlook provides a unified view of all our emails, calendar, contacts and files to ensure error-free working. It’s a highly useful and widely used application in workplaces. The employees can communicate, schedule meetings, do group discussions conveniently and also managers and team leaders can manage the information flow smoothly down the hierarchy.

The compatibility with the cloud, enable us to get the various task done even when you are with your outlook on Android, iPad, iPhone. It can be used as stand-alone application or can work with Microsoft exchange server for multiple users in an organization.

Broadly outlook application provides a powerful inbox, where you can systematically manage your email. Outlook integrates with many devices and applications. Ever third-party applications like Skype, iPhone apps, android can smoothly integrate. Outlook expedites workflow like online voting, apart from special services like automated “out of the office” intimation, color flags for “Follow-up”, sharing files through cloud really simples the working process.

Some new features introduced in MS office outlook 2016 include:

  • Mail Triage- The Clutter feature learns how you prioritize your email and then helps you by putting low priority messages in a separate folder.
  • OneDrive Integration- One can access Office documents from anywhere and any device by saving them to OneDrive.
  •         Screenshot option- To give reference to any past discussions, or to share any problem faced in the process, this feature of adding the screenshot to the mail becomes really handy.
  •         Journals: These are the interesting feature of outlook journal which records all the work done by the user. Can create journals to record some of your achievements/projects undertaken in the whole year, which can help you fill in the appraisal form at the end of the year.
  •         Outlook Theme: sometimes adding up the color in your workstation enhances the mood and brings in positive energy into the work. New outlook has various choices of themes to choose from.

The Outlook for Web has made it very convenient and simpler to use. Microsoft outlook web Access provides a messaging environment which can be consulted over the internet. Microsoft has constantly been working for the betterment of outlook security aspect, and with the evolving technology, we will see much safer and astonishing offerings from MS office in years to come.

How To Increase WordPress Speed And Performance?


Are you encountering any issues to speed up your WordPress site? If yes, you are in the right place as this short write-up offer some valuable tips on how to increase the WordPress speed and thereby optimize its performance on the World Wide Web. According to wordpress webhosting experts, the aspect of quick loading enhances viewers experience and also increase page views. Besides this, it helps to improve the efficiency of the SEO activities.  For more information about WordPress, readers can also browse the website and get benefitted. By using some of the tips shared below, one is sure to increase the speed of the WordPress site to an optimum level.

Research has shown that the average attention span of human eyes has greatly dropped in the recent times. In fact, studies indicate that the period of attention has lowered from twelve seconds to seven seconds. This finding denotes that people have shortened their viewing time and hence website owners have less time to exhibit their contents than in the past. In this context, one has to know the fact that if the speed of website loading takes longer time, it makes the viewers leave the website.   The lead may move before it even loads, which is considered to be a dangerous situation for the product or service marketers. Hence speed is mandatory for every website so that it is easily visible to the potential clients or prospects. To make it simple, the speed of the website determines the bottom line of the business.

Quality and upgraded content management system:  Quality content and consistent posting rates are important, but they will do you little good if your loading times are so slow.  With the clear updates that WordPress provides and by using a plugin for your control panel, you are sure to make the integration easy.  With such a step, you are assured that when some viewers click on one of your WordPress links, they are viewing your content in a matter of seconds.

Usage of a plugin: WordPress offers various types of plugins which offers great benefits in developing the website. In this regard, experts recommend few plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache which increase the speed of the website by deleting the unwanted cache.

Have a quality hosting program: Choosing a reliable hosting firm is vital in keeping the speed of your website. Good web hosting firms like A2 Hosting, HostGator can surely produce excellent results. A good hosting plan offered by these companies will surely enhance the loading time of the web page which in turn improves the bottom line.

Shrink the image size: It is no doubt that images are vital content to get traffic to your website. However, its size has a greater impact on the loading time. Hence it is better to reduce the size of the images which will surely increase the speed of the website.  The popular Compress JPEG & PNG images are some of the plugins offered by WordPress, can be used n order to reduce the image size without affecting its quality.